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Why Patent Registration Required?

The reason you decide to file a patent may be just one or a combination of reasons. In the simplest form, a patent protects your invention from illegal use. This means no one other than you has the right to copy, manufacture or sell your invention once it has been patented. Sound like a good enough reason to go for it doesn't it?

But patents can also be filed for a host of other reasons:

A defensive patent protects a company from being sued by a competitor against infringement. It keeps you covered in case you do step on someone's toes in the future.

Patents can also help during valuation. Especially if you plan on raising investment capital, they are a definite asset at such times.

Patents help in acquiring customers in the future as it sets your product apart from its competition. A patent improves the value perception for a product in the eyes of the customer and can make it more appealing.

And to wrap it up, a patent can even make your product look more desirable if you're looking to exit the industry and are looking for potential buyers.

How to File a Patent?

Novel: The idea presented with the specification has not been published before the date of filing of the patent application.
Non- Obvious: The invention should not be palpable to any skilled individual with domain knowledge. Thus ensuring that the technology or invention should not be available in any prior publication/knowledge/ document is a necessity.
Useful to industry: The attribute of utility should be attached with any invention, so that it can be made or used in the industry.
So now that you know your invention can be patented, let's understand the patent filing process, which is similar in India, USA and most developed nations.

Process of Applying for a Patent

Choose: Decide what type of patent you would like to file. Provisional patent application and a non-provisional patent application are the most common type of patent applications start-ups or companies choose.
Search: Patent Search or as some people call it Prior Art Search or Novelty Search is important to ascertain the originality of your invention in the market. Although free tools like Google patent tool allow you to perform this process by yourself but it is highly encouraged to seek advice from a professional consultant. Please note that laws of nature, physical phenomena, abstract idea, literary works, music and artistic work cannot be patented at all.
Draft: This is the step when you define your invention. Elaborately describe your invention, specify its target market and explain how it is different from existing technologies.
File: Filing of the patent is the last step of the process. In accordance with your business interest, decide an appropriate location to file your patent. You can than go to its Patent Registration Office to complete the process.

Advantages of getting a patent
By registering a patent for your product,we can avoid others copying.selling or manufacturing our invention without owners permission
We get protection for a pre-determined time,which allows you to keep competitor at bay.
The invention are utilized by yourself

And also also you can license your patent for allowing others to use it,and sell it,with any asset.this provides an important source of income for your business.also some business exist individually to collect the royalty from pattern they have licensed.we register your patent at affordable cost and quickly.

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