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MS LEGAL ASSOCIATES offers unparalleled legal expertise across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our Clients. We pride ourselves in providing efficient, commercially sound and result-oriented solutions to Clients. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our Clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings.

We are well equipped to handle client issues promptly and effectively. We offer Client's an international capability with a focus on Indian law and jurisdiction. Truly committed and global in attitude and service offering we work together with international law firms, accountancy practices and a multiplicity of professional advisors to provide clients a complete legal solution.

WE KNOW OUR CLIENTS AND THEIR BUSINESS We first listen to our Clients. We know our Clients and we know their cases. When our lawyers represent you in Court, he knows who you are. We keep stride with industry trends and think as businesspeople.

WE ARE QUICK AND WE'RE FOCUSED We always strive to get straight to the heart of a matter to deliver optimum and cost-effective solutions. We are practical lawyers and problem solvers who take a "hands-on, get out from behind the desk" approach to solving client problems.

SENSITIVE TO YOUR BUDGET We recognize Companies are concerned about legal fees disproportionate to the amount in dispute or to the effort actually required. By paying special attention to the economics of each matter, we deliver efficient, quality representation. We match the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality. We are flexible of billing arrangements and much of what we do is on a flat fee basis, where you know what you will be paying in advance.

OUR AMBITION Ambition to achieve global excellence in legal services underpins our strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through consistent efforts and attention to managing knowledge and information, and by delivering consistently high standards of client services.

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