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A trademark is a unique symbol or word(s) used to represent a business or its products. Once registered, that same symbol or series of words cannot be used by any other organization, forever, as long as it remains in use and proper paperwork and fees are paid.

Name, word, symbol, color, phrase, shape, signature, letters, slogans, surname, packaging can be trademarked which rightly gives an unique image of the company, brand or individual that separates the product or services of one trader from the other. Anything that gives a distinct identity to the product and services which thereafter distinguishes one trader from the other. The TM mark can be used along with the trademark once the trademark application is filed with the Government.

Once we filed the application through online if there is no objection and opposition the mark will be registered within 8 months. If there is any objection our legal experts in our office will file reply to trademark registry within the scheduled time.

Opposition of trademark depends upon case to case. In such case our legal professionals will appear on behalf of your business firm against the opponent in trademark registry.

We are trademarks registration consultants; we will help you to get trademark certificate with low cost. Please call us and tell your requirement we will understand your nature of business and product classification under trademark registration Act .

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