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Why do you need to verify a property?

Lots of times realtors launch big projects without having all the required licenses which cause projects to get stopped and you lose out on your investment. Also, when you're buying a standalone property there can be issues over the legal ownership of the property. We warn you about any such problems too.

Title Verification of Properties

What is a Title?
A property is divided into movable and immovable property. The immovable property generally includes such as land, benefits arise out of land, house, or any other things which are attached to earth. The immovable property is defined in the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and also in various other Acts. Every property has a title. Title is a legal term which means the right of ownership to property. Title means legal right of a person to hold any property or description of authorized owner of a particular property and such authorization. Title can be confirmed by verifying official documents such as deed, conveyance etc.

Title Verification
Title contains information such as legal owner, and date of ownership. Title is the evidence of the right of ownership.

Title verification is very important before the buyer intends to purchase a property, the same can be done by referring to relevant documents and deeds; such title verification may protect the buyer from defective or improper title of the property. A title may have ownership but not possession always because a title is different from possession. Title can be transferred in accordance with the procedures of law.

How can we help?

We undertake legal verification of property documents to determine the authenticity of the documents presented by the supposed owner of the property or by the realtors selling the property.

Our approach to property legal verification is backed by the specialization and experience of our team members. We take a holistic approach while doing the due diligence of property to give you safe and confident feel about your decision to purchase the property of your liking.

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