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MS LEGAL ASSOCIATES is one of the prominent organization in the line of legal firms in India. We are offering solutions and prompt legal advice and guidance to our clients. Team ms legal associates have authorized central and state notary advocates in respective places of India. Now day's ordinary peoples have fear to entering the legal disputes due to heavy service charges and long judgmental period. But our organization providing effective legal advice in an effective cost that even an ordinary people can bear. We choose right legal professionals for our clients that matching their requirements.

Notary lawyer is a legal officer with specific judicial authority to attest the legal documents usually with an official seal. The primary role of a Notary Public is to act as an impartial witness while discharging fraud deterrent activities related to legal documents. Such an act is usually referred to as notarization.

Duties of a Notary public are governed by the Notaries Act, 1952, and they are-

- Certify, attest or authenticate any instrument
- Administer oaths or witness swearing by deponents for affidavits
- To carry out translations and verify such translations of legal documents from one language to another
- To record proof/evidence in criminal or civil trials and to act as commissioner if so directed
- To perform the function of an arbitrator, counselor or mediator

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