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Looking for an IT lawyer who can assist your business? Look no further, at MS Legal Associates we would be delighted to assist.

If you're in the IT space, it's vital that you work with an IT lawyer rather than a generalist lawyer. An IT lawyer will understand the technicalities of your industry. At MS Legal Associates, many of our lawyers are IT specialists. We work with a wide range of businesses in the IT industry, from providers of IT consulting services to the consumers of those services.

What does an IT lawyer do?

Our IT specialists primarily assist business in the IT space. A good IT lawyer will have a broad understanding of contract law, an in depth understanding of IP and IT law, and will understand the business models of businesses in the IT space.

There are a range of businesses that should consider working with a specialist IT lawyer. IT consultancies and their clients are obvious examples. Any business starting a new IT project should also consider speaking to one of our lawyers.

Lawyers specialising in sectors such as banking compliance, property, and information technology (IT) are in demand at the moment. Some legal niches are cyclical but IT law is a niche that has shown consistent growth in recent years despite headwinds affecting other practices.

Traditionally, IT law was considered as the law related to the provision, installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, data servers and websites. More recently, it has been broadening rapidly and developing sub-specialisms in line with the huge expansion of data communication, social networking, novel internet business models and other technology innovations. Developments in technology and the laws that govern it present great opportunities for lawyers who are already IT specialists and also for those interested in carving out a distinctive role by focusing their skills in this high-growth area.

Another hot area of IT law relates to the increasingly complex regulatory environment of the internet; 'cyber law' covers issues such as control of the internet, data protection and the laws regarding hacking. Companies must ensure that their confidential data, which is increasingly stored on IT systems, is adequately protected and that their networks are secure enough to withstand a cyber-attack. This involves having comprehensive risk management systems in place, protocols to deal with the aftermath of issues that occur and effective responses to limit data loss and ensure the company is protected from further cyber-attacks. All these issues must be guided by regulatory and commercial considerations so businesses increasingly seek out genuine experts in the field.

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