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MS Legal Associates: We are Project Finance Consultants in Azad Nagar, Mangalore.

Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project. Project financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project's cash flow for repayment, with the project's assets, rights and interests held as secondary security or collateral. Project finance is especially attractive to the private sector because companies can fund major projects off balance sheet.

Our financial consulting team specializing in advising clients about how best to structure domestic and overseas projects for commercial bank debt, multilateral and bilateral support, equity fund investment and credit enhancement.

Project Funding

"Funding" is the act of providing financial resources, usually in the form of money, or other values such as effort or time, to finance a need, program, and project, usually by an organisation or government.

Project Company

The Project Company is a provider of project management support services. We help project teams manage projects with the provision of specialist project management personnel and best practice project planning & control methodologies.

Parties to a project financing

There are several parties in a project financing depending on the type and the scale of a project. The most usual parties to a project financing are;

1. Sponsor
2. Lenders
3. Financial Advisors
4. Technical Advisors
5. Legal Advisors
6. Debt Financiers
7. Equity Investors
8. Regulatory Agencies
9. Multilateral Agencies

Project development

Project development is the process of preparing a new project for commercial operations. The process can be divided into three distinct phases:

1. Pre-bid stage
2. Contract negotiation stage
3. Money-raising stage

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